Monday, October 27, 2008

Netflix alternative

Netflix alternative

We have had Netflix now for quite a while, and love it for its variety of films, but it is still lacking in many things that we would like to see, and has plenty of filth that we don't ever even want to browse through. There are plenty of religion-based films, but that can still be frustrating for Catholics, since many have an atheistic agenda. I've rented more than one movie from them thinking it would be great entertainment, or a supplement to our homeschool curriculum, only to have to return it with disappointment.

Now there is an alternative, called Faith and Family Flix. They work the same way as Netflix, with your DVDs arriving in the mail with no late fees. They are still small, but they are growing. I received my first DVD, "Jesus and the Shroud of Turin," today. This is what FFF has to say on their About Us page:

Faith and Family Flix (FFF) was founded by families like you who are extremely concerned about what Hollywood and the entertainment industry are putting in front of our children. Family life is the foundational element on which our society is built. If families continue to disintegrate, so will our society. FFF has vowed to do what we can to help protect and nurture the family. Just like men and women in the military everyday put their lives at risk to protect our physical well-being, shouldn’t we put as much effort into protecting our spiritual/moral well-being? Our call to you is to be proactive. By supporting FFF and not companies like Netflix or Blockbuster, who support movie genres that are inconsistent with our Judeo-Christian beliefs, you are sending a strong message to the entertainment industry. Presently, FFF has one distribution facility, centrally located in the Chicagoland area. As business develops, we will be opening other distribution centers. We appreciate your patience and understanding. We know that you could perhaps get a better "deal" and maybe get the movies a day or two earlier by going with Netflix or Blockbuster. The real question is: as people of faith, what is the right thing to do? If you don't believe in supporting certain lifestyles or if you will never rent soft-core pornography, why support a company who offers it?
I'll be downgrading my membership with Netflix, and renting as many movies from FFF as I can.

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