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Germany Unrepentant Over Holocaust?

Germany Unrepentant Over Holocaust?

Guy Adams

Dir., ValuesUSA [.net]

I just read the story of how the German government wants to put the parents of six children in jail because they are home-schooling their kids. Juergen and Rosemarie Dudek have already paid a fine over the situation but to the prosecutor in the German state of Hesse, that’s not good enough. A recent World Net Daily article said “A family's failure to follow the mandatory school attendance laws violates not only administrative regulations, but the criminal code.”

Did you catch that? The government of modern day Germany says that it’s a crime to home-school your own kids. In other words, Germany is legislating thought-control. That is the same type of attitudes and practices that were prevalent in pre-W.W.II Germany. That is the same arrogant attitude the Nazis had. That tells me that to some extent, Germany is not repentant over the holocaust because they are marching back to the very same type of practices that led them down that path. How can they be repentant when they act as they did then?

Night of Broken Glass?

Kristallnacht, more commonly known as The Night Of Broken Glass, was when many scholars think that the persecution of Jews in Germany really began in earnest. Most Jewish stores had their windows smashed and many Jewish-owned stores were burned to the ground. That is when the state sanctioned pogrom began. In the end, at least six and a half million Jews were murdered. But before that, thought and speech control was already official state policy so that when the time came to implement the gas chambers, no one spoke out. Germany is approaching that point again.

You might say that such a thing could never happen again. Of course it can, and in 1933 Germans and even most Americans said the same thing. When a government legislates thought and speech control, tyranny is soon to follow. In the recorded history of the world it has always been that way. For example, Communist Russia, Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan, Rome, Iran under the Shah, Cuba under Castro, just to name a few. Is the new German Republic soon to be added to that list? Should Germany persist in persecuting home-schooling parents so that the government can tell the children what to think and what not to say, tyranny is soon to follow.

A person’s actions tell you what they believe. Likewise, a government’s laws tell you what the leaders believe. The WND article says “The philosophy that the government knows best how to raise children is really becoming a worldwide phenomenon," Farris said. "I think Germany represents the edge of the night that's coming.” Indeed. Germany has not learned from the lessons of its own recent history.

You can tell who and what a government opposes by the people they imprison. And Germany is jailing Christian home-schooling parents.


What can you do?

1) Tell the German Ministry of Education that that putting these parents in jail for home-schooling their children is wrong and reminds you of what was practiced in pre-war Nazi Germany. The German official in charge, who is the Minister of Education for Hesse, is Karin Wolff, and she can be reached at:

Hessisches Kultusministerium, Luisenplatz 10, 65185 Wiesbaden, 06151/17120.

2) Email your support for the Dudeks. Netzwork Bildungsfreiheit is the home-schooling advocacy group that is helping the Dudeks. A supporting email can be sent to the Dudeks via Evelyn Roth, and her email address is Other email addresses for this group can be found at:


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